September 27, 2011

Band meetings bring back memories

Wendy Lloyd Curley

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Hey y’all,

We had a band meeting last night. We have one almost every week now.

When I was a young lad (Jurassic Period), I used to love band meetings on so many levels.

I guess the social aspect was a big one. But there was also a feeling of moving forward and “conquering” as well.

These are aspects of any gang, group or club. But as musicians, you get to play music too!

So I was transported back in time last night when Billy, Vince , Wendy and I had a band meeting last night.

We looked at new photos, played new songs, reviewed the live footage from our last gig, put in rehearsal dates and discussed recording, arrangements and other marketing ideas.

One of the fun things about putting a band together is not only watching everything slowly improve, but also to be able to share all this with others.

And in today’s world it is amazing just how many avenues there are to engage everybody in all of our activities.

The differences between Concord Joe and the bands I was in as a youth are many.

First of all, Concord Joe is not the number one priority in everyone’s daily life. Secondly we are all better musicians with better skills and more to say….

So how far will we go? How long will we last ? These are all questions which we all wonder about but are not overly obsessed with either.

At this point, it is all still just great fun. And I imagine as long as it is, then Concord Joe will be around for a long time.

For a taste of Concord Joe , we have some footage from our last gig at the Kamma Wine Bar in Neutral Bay. Here are the links to Concord Joe, Happy Sunday Morning, and Confrontation Blues.

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