Ben Little


My full name is Steven Thomas Little,  but I am more commonly known as Ben.

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas, but have been in Australia long enough to consider myself a “true blue” Aussie.  I started my first school rock band in Adelaide called Cosmic Frog. After a name change to Morpheus, we then moved to Sydney in 1978.

The band arrived at what is now considered the “Golden Era” of Oz rock. We played as Morpheus and then Damaged Goods, playing such iconic venues as The Bondi Lifesaver, The Manzil Room (which later became Springfields) and The Stagedoor Tavern.

And so began a history of many bands that have taken me all over this amazing country.


Cosmic Frog, Frog, Morpheus, Damaged Goods, The Goods, Gillian Eastoe Band, The Beats,  Colours, The Echomaniacs, Stormy Monday, The Echoes, Swanee,  Alex Smith Band, DBM, The Last Stand, Molly Rasher, The Merchants of Menace and Men on Ten and now CONCORD JOE.


1. Molly Rasher (a self-titled independent release)
2. Shed That Skin by Ultimo
3. Random Order ( 1st solo album)
4. Chain of Hearts (2nd solo album)
5. My Other Home (The Welcome Sessions)


I wrote my first song, “Pre School Blues” at the age of 13 and it was a blues song! I may not have had much life experience but I did know that I hated the first day of school every year.
Regardless of what band I played in, I was always writing songs. Having written hundreds of songs, they almost read like a diary. I am still intrigued by the “song” The constant challenge is to tell a story (musically) in a 3 minute time frame. What a fun game it is….


I have been teaching guitar for over 20 years.  I founded the GUITARHIVE in 2000.  It is a completely tailored learning environment and offers individual lessons from Tuesday to Saturday.  Songwriting and recording are other aspects of the GUITARHIVE. I also teach guitar, bass, mandolin and ukulele


Hive Live is yearly event which showcases musicians of all ages and levels. These events start off as a series of workshops and then culminate into a live performance. The number of bands is anywhere between 8 and 12. Hive Live 4 had 13 bands with over 40 musicians


At the moment, apart from Concord Joe, I work as a freelance musician in and around Sydney. A steady gig is at the Bald Rock Hotel which is a relaxed 3 to 4 piece acoustic group of musicians that play a different set of songs every week (available for weddings, birthdays and other such events). I also play in Creedance, Eagles, Stones and 60’s tribute shows, fill in for other bands, and do solo gigs as well.

I have a duo with Wendy Lloyd Curley called Wen and Bendy, a trio called the Merchants of Menace and am in a few other bands on an ad hoc basis, notably, Men On Ten and Molly Rasher.


To list all of my influences would be impossible, but here are a few: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones , Pink Floyd, Free, Bad Company Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Status Quo, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller, Creedance, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers , Cat Stevens , America, Stevie Wonder, Eva Cassidy,Queen, Slade, The Eagles, The Foo Fighters, Del Amitri, ACDC, 10 CC, Little River Band , Cold Chisel, Bryan Adams, Van Halen, Neil Young, The Police, Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top….


Steve Lukather, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Larry Carlton, Tommy Emmanual, Ian Moss, Robben Ford, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Alvin Lee, Dave Gilmour, Joe Satriani, Harvey James, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Kirk L’Orange, Paul Kossoff,  Pat Travers, G.E. Smith,  Jay Grayden,  David Lindley, Gary Moore, James Taylor, Don Felder, Walter Becker , Ray Beadle