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Ben’s words. Wendy’s typing. 🙂 Concord Joe is very excited to be playing at a fantastic venue: Beaches Thirroul. I’ve played a few times there myself now with various bands and the venue operator, Mark, runs a really professional music-orientated pub. Sundays in particular are focused predominantly on Rock and Blues acts and the pub goers at Beaches seem to relish classic blues and old-school rock. The venue itself is very big, cozy, has a great rock vibe, and from Mark, to the sound guy, to the bar staff, everyone seems to have a really great time. It’ll be nice to crank it up. 🙂 It’s just over an hour from Sydney to get there, and if you’re in the south already it’s in your backyard. We wanted to let you know about the gig ASAP so that you can plan your diaries in advance. It’s going to be a great gig for us, but even better if you are there, too.   GIG DEETS: Sunday, August 21 – Beaches Hotel 272 Lawrence Hargrave Drive Thirroul Our first appearance at Beaches! 6:00-9:00 pm FREE ENTRY!

[youtube][/youtube]Words from Benny Joe: It was brought to my attention that  to do a promotional video for a new song that a big budget was NOT paramount. I was told that if you have a good idea with just a camera and a computer you could knock something together. Sell Out is a song which talks about the music industry today with our tongues firmly in our cheek and I immediately thought of the iconic Queen film clip, Bohemian Rhapsody, as a starting point for our video So with a couple of lights, a torch, a table, a couple of chairs, a tripod, a camera, and some beer and tequila we were able to have a few laughs and create a home grown video for one of the songs off the new album, Gold Dust. We had a ball making it. And it was fun and easy to do. Our album is available to buy for $20 directly from us and is also on iTunes and Spotify and other places where we make $.0000001 per play. Or we can mail a signed copy to you for $25 in Australia. Please share the video and give us your feedback. Here’s some of the feedback we got already. “Like that I really do” – Jamie “Love It” Brilliant – Judie “Ha! Great stuff” – Paul “Love it HaHa so true” – Elora “Love it man. Nice torch effect” – Jake “I love it! Very clever” – Pam “Tooooo much fun!” – Carolyn “I smiled, chuckled and enjoyed […]

It’s been awhile since Ben has written here… And he’s got a lot to say. Here you go…. This is a story about the journey of a song. It starts with an idea and ends up as a product that you can listen to! This particular story is about a song called ’20 Hours of Texas.’ And I want to explain the process of getting it from idea to product. THE SONG The story begins about 18 months ago when Doug (who we affectionately call ‘Uncle Buck’) and Sally, met my wife Angela and I for lunch. Doug and Sally are Wendy’s parents and they were in Sydney for a holiday. So I asked Uncle Buck what he they were up to when they got back to the US. He said that they were travelling from Arizona to Florida and that they would be going through Texas. He said, “In fact it will be 20 hours of Texas.”…. Well the light bulb lit up and my radar went off! And I replied, “Now, that is a great song title.” We all agreed. So when I returned home from lunch. I sat down and started wring the song. I could hear a Texas blues song with slide guitar and Texan references. So about an hour later, I had the music and lyrics written. THE DEMO It was so complete, that I recorded it on my home studio the very next day: The drums, bass, 2 guitars, solos and all the vocals. The next step was to send a copy […]

Hey Folks! First of all, a huge thank you to all of you that came on board Rocks Rhythmboat to celebrate a Christmas sunset on our beautiful harbour. It was a rockin’ night all round! Also, a big thanks to Steve, Joanne and Heather for singing some wonderful Christmas Carols on the ukuleles! And to Martin for being a wonderful Santa! Well this week we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary. We spent 2011 putting the songs together, getting a name and doing some gigs. 2012 was mainly spent recording demos of the new Concord Joe songs and finding new venues to play. This year, we are starting off by recording with Louie Shelton up the Gold Coast. We hope to have a 4 song EP that will be available for purchase very soon! Also we have a once a month gig at The Merton Hotel in Rozelle. The first one is Friday January 25…. Australia Day Eve! The Merton Hotel is a great little venue and the food is magnificent. It also boasts some of the best Guinness in town. We would love to see you all there. As you may or may not know, live music is struggling at the moment. So coming along to support us would be much appreciated. We want to prove to the Publican that rock n roll ain’t quite dead yet…. 🙂 Well, that’s a wrap. 2013 should see more gigs, some more new songs and finally some product to promote… Say healthy and happy and have a […]