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[youtube][/youtube]Words from Benny Joe: It was brought to my attention that  to do a promotional video for a new song that a big budget was NOT paramount. I was told that if you have a good idea with just a camera and a computer you could knock something together. Sell Out is a song which talks about the music industry today with our tongues firmly in our cheek and I immediately thought of the iconic Queen film clip, Bohemian Rhapsody, as a starting point for our video So with a couple of lights, a torch, a table, a couple of chairs, a tripod, a camera, and some beer and tequila we were able to have a few laughs and create a home grown video for one of the songs off the new album, Gold Dust. We had a ball making it. And it was fun and easy to do. Our album is available to buy for $20 directly from us and is also on iTunes and Spotify and other places where we make $.0000001 per play. Or we can mail a signed copy to you for $25 in Australia. Please share the video and give us your feedback. Here’s some of the feedback we got already. “Like that I really do” – Jamie “Love It” Brilliant – Judie “Ha! Great stuff” – Paul “Love it HaHa so true” – Elora “Love it man. Nice torch effect” – Jake “I love it! Very clever” – Pam “Tooooo much fun!” – Carolyn “I smiled, chuckled and enjoyed […]


Hey y’all, I just wanted to let everyone know what is going on in the land of Concord Joe. I am really excited because as a song writer, I am getting closer to being able to write specifically for the band as a band “sound ” slowly starts to develop. One of the things that has made it easier for me to write is to accept that everything has been said before…and that all you can do is say it in your own way. That is really a liberating philosophy. There is plenty to write about. The last 4 songs are about the power of the word, my beautiful neice Elizabeth, the confusion surrounding 911 and being in the middle of two friends as their relationship divides. Musically, it is such fun to draw from so many amazing influences and genres of music. What else is up? We are soon having a photo shoot. I have always loved and hated photo shoots. But this time it is fun trying to put a cohesive image together for people like us (not 20 years old). Anyway I will continue to keep all of you up to date as we move forward. The cruise on Rocks Rhythmboat is starting to sell quickly and we have a few surprises in store. We also have some footage from the last Kamma Wine Bar gig , so we will soon put up some footage of that. Cheers, and see you soon, Ben