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Hi! Wendy here. It took a day to recover from our amazing harbour cruise on Sunday. You were dancing the whole time – we loved it! We wanted to write something yesterday, but were just too buggered. Now it’s Christmas Eve and in an effort to avoid any shopping whatsoever, I think it’s my job to update this website. A much better alternative, don’t you think? Besides, you can easily shop from your computer or phone now anyway. The bad news is that Vinnie-Joe has broken his left foot (the good news is that it isn’t his right foot), and is out of commission for a few weeks. His doctors know how important work and play is to Vince, so we know they’re doing all they can to get him back on stage quickly. In the meantime, we’ve commandeered Mick O’Shea and Fab Omodei for a few of the gigs Vince can’t do. Both are GREAT drummers and both doing their best to do Vinnie-Joe proud. Another big announcement is that we have launched a new app. An official Concord Joe App. It’s a new world out there and we know all of our fans have phones and we want all of our fans to be able to share Concord Joe easily with friends, family, and fellow rockers. The App is a simple way for us to share songs, lyrics, videos, pictures, gigs, and more. We will be offering special pre-releases to people who have the App. App people will also get exclusive releases and […]

It’s definitely time for an update. 🙂 Billy’s Back! After a little break to play a few gigs with the Choir Boys, Billy-Joe will be back with the Joe from September onwards. Hopefully you’ll all come to the Merton on Friday, September 13 to welcome him back. New songs, too. Another batch of new songs will be released live at the Merton on September 13, too. So there’s plenty of reason to pop that date into your calendar and make an event of it. You know the kitchen is great and they love it when you come for dinner and a show. Thanks Dave… Two fabulous gigs where Dave Carter sat in for Billy-Joe on bass have paid off. Concord Joe has been asked to be the warm up band for Dave’s new album release on December 1 in Newcastle. Details to come, but it will be a road trip worth planning for. Maybe wine on Saturday and Concord Joe on Sunday. Just an idea….Barooooooooooooga! The Barooga Strings Festival is Friday, December 6-Sunday, December 8. Mark Seymour and the Undertow are headlining and Sarah McLeod will be there on the Saturday night and guess who is playing there to get the party started? Yep… Concord Joe. We can’t wait to take our originals to some new people. Details to come as we get more…. HARBOUR CRUISE Our annual pilgrimage on the Sydney Harbour has been organised. Tickets go on sale on September 1 for our 3rd annual Holiday Sunset Harbour Cruise. December 22 from 5:45-10:00. […]

Tomorrow night, Friday, February 8, is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship between Concord Joe, the Merton Hotel, and YOU. Every month, Concord Joe will be playing at the Merton on the second Friday of the month. You can bank on it. So come to see us. We look at LEAST as good as the picture here. Maybe better. Live music and the rock and roll revival depend on punters fronting up to the pub and having (gasp) FUN on a Friday night. Let’s make it so. Rock on! WLC. ___________________ Blues infused, rock-n-roll band, Concord Joe, is based in Sydney Australia. The four piece band is putting the final touches on the first four fully produced original songs.

Hi. Wendy Joe here. Time for an update on the Joe front. Besides, we have a nice picture to share. 🙂 Last weekend we played our second gig at the Merton Hotel in Rozelle. The pub has a great vibe. Candles, fireplace, dark walls, carpet, friendly staff, active owners, and amazing food. We’ve even come in on nights when we don’t have a gig for the food. It’s really good. Anyway, we played last Friday and the pub had a great buzz. The place was pumping. Our original songs are feeling really good now and we’re carefully selecting cover songs that showcase our Concord Joe style. We’ve got a monthly gig there for the rest of the year, so now you can plan ahead and bring some friends in to see Concord Joe live. Here are the dates: Friday, September 21 Friday, October 5 (oops, they double booked, we’ve got the night off.) Friday, November 16 Friday, December 7 You can like us on Facebook to get more updates. Until next time…. Rock n Roll! WLC.

What is a Harbour Cruise? Well, I’ve been on a few in my day so I though I’d give you an overview. The group of people who go on a harbour cruise are fun people, so make friends with people as you wait for the boat. At about 5:45 the Rocks Rhythmboat will pick up passengers from the Pyrmont Wharf (near the Maritime Museum – here’s a map). Everyone will already have their tickets as they will be collected from you when you board. When you board, the bar is open. You can grab a drink right away or move inside to discover the boat first. I promise they won’t run out of booze. There will be tables set up inside on the first level and then upstairs there are also tables and chairs. (FYI, the boat has proper toilets and enough seating for everyone; it’s all very civilised.) Personally, I suggest you pass the bar at first and find a place for your group to congregate. Unless you’re the first through the door – then grab a drink right away. The boat will depart from the jetty and we’ll cruise around the harbour. The buffet dinner will be served pretty much right away, and each table will be called up in turn to plate up. I promise they won’t run out of food. At about 7:00, Gary and Paul from the Bandits will do a set of music to start the entertainment. This whole time, the beautiful city of Sydney is drifting past and […]