December 24, 2013

Hi! Wendy here. It took a day to recover from our amazing harbour cruise on Sunday. You were dancing the whole time – we loved it! We wanted to write something yesterday, but were just too buggered. Now it’s Christmas Eve and in an effort to avoid any shopping whatsoever, I think it’s my job to update this website. A much better alternative, don’t you think?

Besides, you can easily shop from your computer or phone now anyway.

The bad news is that Vinnie-Joe has broken his left foot (the good news is that it isn’t his right foot), and is out of commission for a few weeks. His doctors know how important work and play is to Vince, so we know they’re doing all they can to get him back on stage quickly. In the meantime, we’ve commandeered Mick O’Shea and Fab Omodei for a few of the gigs Vince can’t do. Both are GREAT drummers and both doing their best to do Vinnie-Joe proud.

Another big announcement is that we have launched a new app. An official Concord Joe App. It’s a new world out there and we know all of our fans have phones and we want all of our fans to be able to share Concord Joe easily with friends, family, and fellow rockers. The App is a simple way for us to share songs, lyrics, videos, pictures, gigs, and more. We will be offering special pre-releases to people who have the App. App people will also get exclusive releases and special offers. We’d like to also use push notifications sparingly to let you know about upcoming gigs, album launches, and other BIG news. So when you do download the app, please accept push notifications. And please give us feedback on the App. We’d love to know what you like, what’s missing, what needs help, etc.

You will have noticed that we have a new venue lately. The Bald Rock Hotel in Rozelle is a great venue that has recently been taken over by one of our favourite pub-owning people in the world, Damian Silk. Damian really loves live music and is strongly supporting Concord Joe and other local, national, and even international bands. We’ll be there this Saturday and throughout 2014, so keep an eye out for those gig updates and bring your friends.

New songs are coming your way at live performances in 2014. Before Vince’s foot incident, the four Joes went into the studio and worked on a few new songs. Ben keeps churning them out and we keep rocking them up. Keep an ear out for Sell Out… it’s a fun one and an interesting commentary on music in 2013.

We hope you are loving the four songs we have already released. You can buy them all from iTunes and GooglePlay and a heap of other places online. Share the Concord Joe App with your friends because they can link directly to buy the songs if they like them. It’s all about spreading the word.

No matter what your religion, I reckon this week is a time for rest, family, and fun. Take advantage of all three while you can and let’s get ready to rock in 2014. Merry Christmas to the Christians! Merry Festivus to the rest of us. See you on the flip side! WLC.

Concord Joe App Home Page

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