January 7, 2013

Happy New Year from Concord Joe!

Wendy Lloyd Curley

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Harbour Cruise December 2012 Photo by Kathryn Hudson

Hey Folks!

First of all, a huge thank you to all of you that came on board Rocks Rhythmboat to celebrate a Christmas sunset on our beautiful harbour.

It was a rockin’ night all round! Also, a big thanks to Steve, Joanne and Heather for singing some wonderful Christmas Carols on the ukuleles! And to Martin for being a wonderful Santa!

Well this week we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary.

We spent 2011 putting the songs together, getting a name and doing some gigs.

2012 was mainly spent recording demos of the new Concord Joe songs and finding new venues to play.

This year, we are starting off by recording with Louie Shelton up the Gold Coast.

We hope to have a 4 song EP that will be available for purchase very soon!

Also we have a once a month gig at The Merton Hotel in Rozelle. The first one is Friday January 25…. Australia Day Eve! The Merton Hotel is a great little venue and the food is magnificent. It also boasts some of the best Guinness in town. We would love to see you all there.

As you may or may not know, live music is struggling at the moment. So coming along to support us would be much appreciated. We want to prove to the Publican that rock n roll ain’t quite dead yet…. 🙂

Well, that’s a wrap. 2013 should see more gigs, some more new songs and finally some product to promote…

Say healthy and happy and have a great 2013… See ya soon!

Ben, Billy, Wendy and Vince.

Rock On !!

1 Comment

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