September 20, 2011

Hey y’all,
Well, we had the photo shoot on Sunday and it was a long but rewarding day.
Peter Koudounas is the photographer and he does amazing work.
We went along to Callan Park, Glebe and Concord and Pete of course took advantage of some of the local surroundings and appropriate lighting as the day unfolded.
I have yet to see all of the photos. I am sure we are actually smiling in some of them (he told us to!) but we have to look tough you know….we are a rock band…lolSo here is a sample of some of Pete’s work. These photos will be used for promo and eventually maybe the album…..

It is a must to have a good stock of promo shots.Here is a link to his website:

Tickets for the Concord Joe Harbour Cruise are selling very well. It should be a great day and night!

Blog ya later!

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