November 23, 2011

Play It Loud, Play It Proud

Wendy Lloyd Curley

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Hi y’all, I wanted to first of all say a big thank you to all of you who came on board Rocks Rhythmboat and rocked on the harbour with us!

What a great venue eh? One of the best backdrops in the world…our Sydney harbour.

The crew on board always do a sterling job with food and drinks etc. So a big thanks also to Alan and Tony (the captain) for helping make the occasion so enjoyable. A thank you to Steve for doing such a great job on the sound. A thank you to Gary and Paul from the Bandits duo for playing fabulous songs to get the evening rolling and to Angela the ticket Queen.

We will definitely do another one next year.

I called this blog Play It Loud, Play it Proud, because that’s just what we did last Sunday. We got to play as a loud rock band and we played our own music.
What we did on Sunday was not unusual 30 years ago. We would walk into any bar, pub or club and that’s just what you would hear…. a band playing original music…that actually was the norm back then. (Am I sounding old again?)

I won’t go on and on about that era, but it did create Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, The Angels, Noiseworks, Mental as Anything etc. etc…. All that wonderful music from those bands and a hundred others is considered cover music now. But back then it was all new and all original.

What happened?

As we all got older as musicians, it seemed the main way to earn steady money was to play covers or play in a tribute band…. The list is a long one as to why it has all changed… that’s for another blog on another day. 🙂

While playing other artists songs can be fun (still is in fact) it can also be soul destroying to a degree… especially if you are a song writer. I think people seem to forget that the wonderful oz rock music that we all love, was original music in its day and we welcomed it all with open ears and arms!

Anyway, it wasn’t too long ago that I was thinking…”What’s the point? Who is interested? Why bother?” But then I thought… I know why I am doing this…. it’s for myself. I love doing what I do… writing, singing and playing guitar in a rock band.

Much has changed since I was a young man, but my desire to play music has not diminished. And if anyone comes along for the journey with us, then that is a bonus!
Concord Joe will be doing some pre-production soon for an album… a collection of Concord Joe songs. Recording is also a very fun and satisfying process.

We would love you to come and see us play again. We have 2 more dates before the end of the year, so if you can make it to one or more, that would be awesome.

Sunday, December 4,  The Kamma Wine Bar Neutral Bay, 4.00pm to 7.00pm
Friday, December 16, The Quarryman’s Hotel, 8.30pm to 11.30pm

Once again , thanks for all your support and we are looking forward to keeping the music live and alive for the rest of 2011 and into 2012!

We would love any feedback by the way: advice, ideas, opinions, criticisms. Tell us anything you like… it all helps.

All I know, is that we don’t sound like the Pet Shop Boys… that makes me a happy man. 🙂
Rock on!

P.S. Have you liked us on Facebook yet? 🙂

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