[youtube]https://youtu.be/oAV9zDkO2Yk[/youtube]Words from Benny Joe:

It was brought to my attention that  to do a promotional video for a new song that a big budget was NOT paramount. I was told that if you have a good idea with just a camera and a computer you could knock something together.

Sell Out is a song which talks about the music industry today with our tongues firmly in our cheek and I immediately thought of the iconic Queen film clip, Bohemian Rhapsody, as a starting point for our video

So with a couple of lights, a torch, a table, a couple of chairs, a tripod, a camera, and some beer and tequila we were able to have a few laughs and create a home grown video for one of the songs off the new album, Gold Dust.

We had a ball making it. And it was fun and easy to do. Our album is available to buy for $20 directly from us and is also on iTunes and Spotify and other places where we make $.0000001 per play. Or we can mail a signed copy to you for $25 in Australia.

Please share the video and give us your feedback. Here’s some of the feedback we got already.

“Like that I really do” – Jamie
“Love It” Brilliant – Judie
“Ha! Great stuff” – Paul
“Love it HaHa so true” – Elora
“Love it man. Nice torch effect” – Jake
“I love it! Very clever” – Pam
“Tooooo much fun!” – Carolyn
“I smiled, chuckled and enjoyed it” – Michael
“Absolutely brilliant loved it! “ – Debbie
“Cute!!” xx – Silvia
“Good Stuff!” – Cos
“Very fun! Nice ditty too” – Andy
“Love it love it love it great fun clip and good song” – Joe
“F/N EXCELLENT!!” – Nigel
“Ha ha great clip mate. Love it. Thanks. Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me.” – Scott
“We like it!” – Barry & Annabelle
“That’s pretty crazy. Looks like you had fun.” – Doug

As a guitar teacher, I have a love/hate relationship with the four-chord song. On the one hand, the familiarity of common chord progressions can be warm and comforting. It can also be a lazy man’s way of writing a song. Sell Out says it better than I’m saying it here. Enjoy.

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