August 20, 2012

Want to See More Concord Joe?

Wendy Lloyd Curley

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Hi. Wendy Joe here. Time for an update on the Joe front. Besides, we have a nice picture to share. šŸ™‚

Last weekend we played our second gig at theĀ Merton HotelĀ in Rozelle. The pubĀ has a great vibe. Candles, fireplace, dark walls, carpet, friendly staff, active owners, and amazing food. We’ve even come in on nights when we don’t have a gig for the food. It’s really good.

Anyway, we played last Friday and the pub had a great buzz. The place was pumping. Our original songs are feeling really good now and we’re carefully selecting cover songs that showcase our Concord Joe style.

We’ve got a monthly gig there for the rest of the year, so now you can plan ahead and bring some friends in to see Concord Joe live. Here are the dates:

Friday, September 21
Friday, October 5Ā (oops, they double booked, we’ve got the night off.)
Friday, November 16
Friday, December 7

You can like us onĀ FacebookĀ to get more updates. Until next time…. Rock n Roll! WLC.

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