September 22, 2011

What is a Harbour Cruise?

Wendy Lloyd Curley

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What is a Harbour Cruise? Well, I’ve been on a few in my day so I though I’d give you an overview.

The group of people who go on a harbour cruise are fun people, so make friends with people as you wait for the boat. At about 5:45 the Rocks Rhythmboat will pick up passengers from the Pyrmont Wharf (near the Maritime Museum – here’s a map). Everyone will already have their tickets as they will be collected from you when you board.

When you board, the bar is open. You can grab a drink right away or move inside to discover the boat first. I promise they won’t run out of booze. There will be tables set up inside on the first level and then upstairs there are also tables and chairs. (FYI, the boat has proper toilets and enough seating for everyone; it’s all very civilised.) Personally, I suggest you pass the bar at first and find a place for your group to congregate. Unless you’re the first through the door – then grab a drink right away.

The boat will depart from the jetty and we’ll cruise around the harbour. The buffet dinner will be served pretty much right away, and each table will be called up in turn to plate up. I promise they won’t run out of food.

At about 7:00, Gary and Paul from the Bandits will do a set of music to start the entertainment. This whole time, the beautiful city of Sydney is drifting past and looking marvellous. The sunset begins and lots of people take pictures. Coffee, tea, and desserts will be brought out to the buffet after everyone has been served dinner.

And then at about 8:00, Concord Joe will start to play. Some will listen from above (the roof opens up). Some will come downstairs to get a better sound. Some will dance. Some will stay up top and might not even realise we’re playing. It’s really casual. The bar is open the whole time and the choice is yours for how you enjoy the night.

At about 9:00 the sun has well and truly set and Concord Joe will begin our last set. We’ll probably throw in some classic covers at the end to rock out a bit. Then at 9:45-10:00 the boat will get back to the wharf and all y’all will disembark.

It’s amazing how quickly it all goes. At the end, everyone wants more music, but the boat wants to go home. We should sell tickets to the next one right then and there, because everyone is asking when the next one will be….

It’s a great night. November is the perfect time of year for it.

Do you have your ticket yet? Don’t wait too long…. WLC.

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